Safer Drivers Course

Service NSW Safer Drivers Course entitles learner drivers to a 20 hour credit in their logbook on completion of the course.

The cost of the course is $140 and can be completed in most cases in one weekend.

Participants must have completed 50 actual driving hours prior to starting the course and hold a valid Learner licence and be under 25.

  • The Safer Drivers Course aims to provide learner drivers with driving strategies such as:

  • Speed management

  • Gap selection

  • Hazard awareness

  • Safe following distances

The course also aims to help learner drivers identify situations that could put them at risk of having an accident and assist them in developing strategies to help avoid these situations.

Ulladulla Premier Coast Driving School is working in collaboration with RedCar Driver Training to provide this Course in Ulladulla every month.

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